Conceived Charger Solar Battery

Buy rechargeable batteries are always better than just buying batteries. First, it is profitable, second - less waste. Nevertheless, it is still not the best way to save resources - in fact still need to insert the plug into the outlet and use electricity. May soon follow Charger for finger batteries, which will use the sun's energy. How is it possible? Because the time being is a concept which, despite a successful idea which underlies it, may not be realized. Not all are willing to pay for more expensive solar panels, preferring to charge the batteries in the traditional way. Charger reNEW Solar Battery Charger has two slots: the upper is placed battery that needs recharging, which is charged, automatically drops out of the lower slot. Solar panels located on the rear of the device. Charging can be placed either on the table, as shown in the image, or using suction cups attach to the window.