The Last Photo

Life is absolutely unpredictable. None of us do not know what lies around the corner. Will someone stand on one’s skirt while crosses the street at a red light, or whether air conditioner will fall on the someone’s head, while it admires the dress in the window, or whether someone will fall into manhole and become a Ninja Turtle… Therefore, we should arm ourselves with cameras and wait for successful last photo! P.S. Of course, the mounted material, in this case, is preferable than the original.

last photo01
last photo02
last photo04
last photo05
last photo06
last photo07
last photo08
last photo09
last photo10
last photo11
last photo12
last photo13
last photo14
last photo15
last photo16
last photo17
last photo18
last photo19
last photo20
last photo21
last photo22
last photo23
last photo24
last photo25