Gestures in different Countries

Traveling to another country can be difficult. You might be surprised, but if you show a typical American or European gesture of "goat" or «that rocks» (forefinger and little finger pointing up, middle and ring fingers are pressed to the palm and thumb brushed aside), which can mean belonging to such a musical style like rock, then in Italy, the gesture you tell someone that their wife is cheating on them!

(Don't Get Me Wrong – The Global Gestures Guide). In this regard, in anticipation of the Christmas holidays in the UK have released the book "Do not get me wrong - a global guide sign» (Don't Get Me Wrong - The Global Gestures Guide).

"Good" or "excellent" in the UK, U.S., South Korea, South Africa
"One": France, Poland, Switzerland
"The vulgar insult": Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq

"What is it?" Or "What do you want?" In Italy
 "Little" or "somewhat" in the Congo
"Beautiful" or "good" in Turkey
"One moment" in Egypt

"Two" in Belgium, Liechtenstein, Netherlands
"Eight" in China
The "bad" in Italy

"Excellent" in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Switzerland
"The vulgar insult in Brazil

"Get out of here!" In the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands
"Let's here!" In Ghana, the Philippines, Vietnam